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Friday, 10 April 2009

Tips on using the ABSW-L

Many of you already subscribe to ABSW-L, our official mailing list, where the majority of official ABSW announcements are communicated and many members choose to discuss many different topics, from professional queries to general debates about science.

The list is a valuable way to stay in touch with the Association and your fellow members. However, I realise not everyone is aware that the list exists, and some who were previously subscribed left.

Some members may not be aware that there are different ways to access and take part in ABSW-L that don't involve receiving a load of emails into your inbox.

The ABSW-L emails are actually generated from a Google Groups discussion forum. From that website, you can access all the conversations and communiques going on ABSW-L as a web-based forum for you to dip in and out as you like. Conversations are grouped by subject (like in Gmail/Google Mail) making it easy to skim the posts that are relevant to you.

If you prefer to get notices into your email, but don't want to flood your inbox, you can choose to get a single daily digest instead. To be clear the options available in your subscription settings are:

  • No Email (Read messages on the web)
  • Abridged email (Get a summary of new activity each day)
  • Digest email (Get up to 25 new messages bundled into a single email)
  • Email (Each new message is forwarded to your inbox as it arrives)
You can subscribe to the group and access all these features with any email address (not just gmail addresses).

I hope these tips are useful and encourage any members not currently engaged with ABSW-L to at least dip in every now and again.

Thanks to Mike Nagle, on whose email this post is based.