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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

2009 ABSW briefings: summary of suggestions

A few weeks ago I posted a note on the ABSW-L on behalf of the Committee, asking for suggestions for what the 2009 ABSW briefings should cover. We're looking to get these underway pretty soon, so now seems a good time to summarise some of the ideas proposed by members:

  • 'Lies, damned lies, and statistics: the importance of getting your maths right when reporting trial data' in light of Ben Goldacre's recent outburst.
  • Risk: what it really means. Evaluating and reporting responsibly on issues involving degrees of risk.
  • Libel. As Pete Wrobel said: "This hardly seems to be touched in the science communication courses, and fewer and fewer journalists seem to feel confident about it."
  • Embargoes
  • Tax: what you can claim on and royalties
  • Tips for freelancers
  • Effective ways of tackling pseudoscience and bad/misleading science reporting in the none specialist media
At least one person also expressed an interest in repeating some of the briefings from last year (Writing a popular science book, A training session on copyright, Pitching and negotiating, Students meet the Editors, Writing for learned society magazines, Podcasts, Blogging).

If you have any further suggestions please post them in the comments below, on the ABSW-L thread or on the ABSW Facebook group discussion thread. There's another committee meeting coming up in a two weeks so get your ideas in please!