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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Royal Society awards for engaging the public with science

The closing date for nominations for the Royal Society Kohn Award for Excellence in Engaging the Public with Science and the Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize is 23 February 2009.

The Cohn award is for "UK-based early-career scientists or science communicators who have undertaken high-quality public engagement activities which has had (or will have) a strategic impact on institutions, organisations and cultures, and whose career and future public engagement activities will benefit from the award".

The Faraday gong, "the UK's premier award for science communication," goes to "the scientist or engineer whose expertise in communicating scientific ideas in lay terms is exemplary".

ABSW members might qualify for the first award. (Has a professional communicator, as opposed to a "slumming boffin," ever taken home the bacon?) They may also know someone they would like to nominate for their spot in this year's Faraday cage.

Start here for links to pages with full details of these and all the other awards that the Royal Society hands out.