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Monday, 13 July 2009

Yes we cam!

One of the aims of the ABSW for 2009 is to build up a network of regional groups to increase activity for our members based outside of London.

Ben Valsler, a producer for the Naked Scientists, has been posting on the ABSW-L (our electronic mail list) to see if any fellow ABSW members from Cambridge are interested in meeting.

If you're in the area and would like to be involved, get on the Google Groups discussion forum (from where the ABSW-L emails are generated) or email Ben directly (

Members in the environs of Brighton recently enjoyed a lunchtime trip to the pub - get in touch with Michael Kenward if you're interested in any future outings there.

If you're not in Cambridge or Brighton, don't despair - why not start up a group of your own? Email the list to see who's interested (or contact the regional groups co-ordinator) and you could be part of making the ABSW an important, useful and fun association for all members, wherever you're based.