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Thursday, 11 June 2009

ABSW's How to publish a popular science book

Those attending the World Conference of Science Journalists, are invited to attend the ABSW's How to publish a popular science book on Wednesday 1st July, between 13.30 to 14.30.

From an idea in an author's head, to a book in a reader's hand, there is much about the science book trade that may surprise. This session aims to unlock the mysteries behind writing a book proposal, such as getting an agent, making proposals to editors at publishing houses, how editors have to sell books to their sales/marketing teams, doing deals and getting book buyers interested. The session offers potential authors the chance to ask burning questions of those directly involved in the business in order to shed light on some of the less-well known aspects to the science book trade, such as editing, publicity, and how a book gets reviewed. This
session also hopes to address the question of whether the books that become bestsellers are the best books or those which publishing companies have spent the most money.


* John Gribbin, Author
* Peter Tallack, Agent
* Will Goodlad, Publisher (Penguin)


* Sara Abdulla, Nature