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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

ESOF 2012 goes to Dublin

It couldn't happen to a nicer place. From 12–16 July 2012, Dublin will host the 2012 City of Science meeting, which also seems to be known as ESOF2012, the 5th Euroscience Open Forum.

The press release on AlphaGalileo announcing ESOF2012 quotes Dr Gail Cardew, Chair of the ESOF Supervisory Board and Vice President of Euroscience, as saying:

"We were particularly impressed with Dublin's clear vision on opening the event out to the world and the lengths the Dublin Bid Committee went to bring international partners, including industry, on board. The emphasis on maximising the latest communication technologies, allied to the availability of excellent infrastructure for an event of this magnitude was compelling."
It may be a cliché, but it is true all the same, Dublin really is as hospitable a place as legend has it. With any luck, the city may have done something about the dreadful traffic by the time all those science writers and scientists descend on the place.

Those of us in the UK may read the details of the city's case for winning the event and find it brave of Dublin to plan to hold the meeting in a venue that is not due to be finished until 2010. But other countries are a bit better at completing such things on time.