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Monday, 20 October 2008

Women scientists for interview

The UK Resource Centre for Women in Science Engineering and Technology has produced a list of women scientists who are eager and willing to give media interviews.

The UKRC is promoting the list in the hope that journalists will be enabled thereby to find female commentators on science issues rather than going to the usual hoary old greybeards.

The UKRC list has been modified (following consultation with ABSW) to include useful information about the areas of expertise of the spokespersons in question. This was more than slightly important for them, as well as for us, since the whole idea is apparently to have women scientists commenting on a broad spectrum of scientific issues, not just "women in science".

You can access the list here.

Any questions - please contact Erica Williams, Web and info coordinator, at UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Listerhills Park of Science and Commerce 40 - 42 Campus Road Bradford BD7 1HR Tel: 01274 433113 Fax: 01274 436471

Ted Nield