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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Telegraph science writer awards 2008

The report of the Science Writer Awards 2008, The Daily Telegraph’s "21st annual mission to find the future popularisers of science, engineering and technology," is Roger Highfield's swansong in the role of chief cheer leader for the awards. With Highfield, the newspaper's science editor moving on to bigger and better things, it will be interesting to see if the newspaper continues its annual competition for young science writers.

Perhaps it is a sign of the times, and the fact that it is now respectable for young aspiring scientists to write for "ordinary readers," that Imperial College latched on to the fact that one of its students, Erika Cule, picked up the main award for the 20-28 section. (The Telegraph published her essay here.)

The item on the Imperial web site shows that Cule has not allowed the award to go to her head. "Winning the competition has sparked of an interest in science writing. However, I plan to work on my PhD first! After that, who knows?"