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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

July's Briefing! Learned Society Magazines, July 16

Dr Mark Peplow (now of Nature Online, late of Chemistry World) and Dr Ted Nield (Geoscientist) will talk about the world of learned society magazines - a great springboard for a writing career. Dr Emily Baldwin (Astronomy Now) will complete the line-up, as a "worked example" of a former student who started her portfolio with LS mags and then got a real job on the strength of it.

This is an event aimed principally at students wishing to become science journalists.

Cost: Students £2; ABSW full/associate £5. £10 non members. (or join on night for £5 discount.) Pay on the night.

Pitch a story!

The event will begin at The Geological Society of London, sponsors of the ABSW Briefings 2008, at 1800 for 1830. The Briefing will run from 1830 to 1930. Those who wish to do so will then adjourn to another venue, where alcoholic beverages are served. (More details of this as they appear.)

Ted Nield will then be available for you to pitch an Earth Science news story to him, suitable for publication in the GeoNews section of Geoscientist. To see worked examples, please visit Geoscientist Online at

Ted will offer advice on pitching a story, and will commission pieces from successful pitchers! The best story submitted will win a fee, at 50p per published word, and will appear in the print version of the magazine. Other stories may also appear in the print version. All stories will appear online, with a byline.