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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Committee co-opts

The ASBW Committee has co-opted two new members. They are Dr Bob Ward and Carolyn Kelday.

Bob probably needs no introduction, but for those who have been living on Planet Zog for the past decade, he used to be pressmaster general at the Royal Society. He now works for Risk Management Solutions ( and is known for his forthright views on global warming issues and their communication. I am particularly delighted to welcome him on board the Committee as fellow geologist manqué (that's three of us now) but also for his legendary drive and enthusiasm. Bob is also a member of the Steering Committee of the forthcoming World Conference of Science Journalism in London, 2009.

Carolyn Kelday is the new ABSW Committee student representative. Carolyn is a 26 year-old mature student, following the first year of a Biology with Science Communication BSc degree at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her background is in Sales/Marketing and she worked as a PA "for many years". "So, I am good at organising and getting things done" she says. Her potential contribution to your Committee hardly needs any further elaboration.

Other committee members are: Dr Ted Nield (Chair), Alok Jha, Barbie Drillsma (ABSW Administrator), Becky McCall (Briefings), Fabian Acker, Dr Kat Arney, Martin Ince (Treasurer), Mike Harrison (CRA, observing), Pete Wrobel, Sallie Robins and Wendy Grossman.

If you want to raise anything on our Committee, please email Our next meeting takes place on February 26.

Ted Nield