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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Few Brits in the running for Descartes

British researchers make up nearly half of the shortlisted candidates for the category "Professional scientists engaged in science communication to the public" in this year's Descartes prizes from the EU. The announcement of the nominees for the Descartes Prize for Science Communication reveals that the UK doesn't do at all well in the categories for "Communicators at the start of their career" or "Innovative action for science communication".

Perhaps more surprising, given how much we proclaim the BBC as the world's leading TV outlet, the UK is also missing from the shortlist for "Popularising science through audio-visual and electronic media (scientific television or radio documentaries, websites)".

Perhaps there are just too many Eurosceptics around who don't bother to enter this competition. They got "just 80 submissions from across Europe. Even though this is "an increase of 30% over last year" it is hardly a mad rush. Funny, given that "From these 33 nominees, 5 finalists and 5 winners will be selected to share this year's €275,000 prize".

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